What is a Servo Motor?

Servo Motors are actually a very simple product, but are used in many modern applications. They are essentially electric motors which are controlled to rotate at a specific angle and speed to control other mechanisms.  Servo Motors are used in a closed loop mechanism which registers its position feedback to control its rotational speed.

Servo motors are used in large industrial applications for controlling purposes of functionality. They can be found in remote-controlled toy cars to monitor motion but are also used in CD or DVD players as the motor which moves its tray in and out, as well as many other everyday applications.

What are the types of Servo Motor?

There are two main types of servo motors applications that are used in industry.

First is the AC servo motor. This is the most common type of servo motor. These types of servo motors work using controllers that provide feedback and closed-loop control. They are well used because they are highly reliable and function well at high speeds.

The other type of servo motor is the DC servo motor. These are rarely used in modern manufacturing, as AC servo motors are easier to use, more effective, advanced, and reliable.

What are Servo Motor Applications?

As mentioned, servo motors are used in radio-controlled devices such as model aircraft and toy cars. Servo motors are also used in an industrial setup using both position and speed sensing.

Modern cars also use servo motors to control their speed. When pressing the accelerator, it sends a message to the vehicles computer. The computer then processes that information and signals to the servo motor to increase the speed of the vehicle when the accelerator is pressed.

But servo motors are mostly used in industrial and manufacturing plants. Many industries function using servo motors such as robotics, pharmaceuticals and food manufacture.

Servo motors are also used in many day-to-day activities.

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